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Patent pending Triton Duo multi chamber Venturi. Increase fuel economy, throttle response and accelration. Available for most brands of engines. Adjustable to fit drivers needs.
Triton Duo Venturi
 Manufacturer of high performance RC racing engines and exhaust . Made in Italy, designed in the USA. Please check our dealer page to find a dealer near you. Dealer inquiries welcome. International Distributors welcome.
Triton  clothing
   Show your Triton pride with our high quality Team shirts and embroidered Flex Fit hats.
In a world of copies and rebadged engines,we take pride in the fact that we design our engines. Whch is why you will hear from feedback our engine simply outperform the competitors! Made in Italy designed in the USA. Triton engines are the ultimate high performance racing engines!
Not just another rebadged engine
Choose your weapon!
Get ready to smoke the competition! 
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